Staffing And Recruitment

So all of you have done some type of searches on search engines like Google, right?

And do you think it is plain and simple or is there anything special that you need to do to source candidates?

Well, while the basic search run, through which you can find “something” is easy, searching/sourcing for recruitment purpose is quite different.

To me there are different levels of sourcing:

  1. Keyword based: this is pretty simple.  You just need to put things like Job Title and few skills and look for exact match in the resume.
  2. Obvious and Not so obvious Keyword: this requires some basic understanding of the job. So that you don’t just look for exact keyword match based on what is there in the job description but you define your own keyword based on your understanding of the role. An example is use of different sounding title for the same role.
  3. Searching something which is not there: a normal job seeker is not trained in resume writing. So what if he is not putting any of the keyword, obvious or not so obvious, in his resume. In such case you have to be a bit research minded, by looking into the talent pool of a competitor company, where similarly skilled candidates are working.
  4. You can also source for over or under qualified candidates and then try to seek referral from them.

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