Account Linked Cash Transfer

Lot of media space is being taken up recently by discussion on the Aadhaar based a/c linked cash transfer of subsidy. Finance Minister called it a “gamechanger”.
Without going into the political merit of the same and possible difficulties in implementation of the same, I am tempted to say that A/c linked cash transfer is a good idea.
First it will remove the middlemen.
Second it will inculcate banking habit in a major segment of the population.
Third, it will eradicate scope for lot of corruption.
I remember during my tenure as an Operations Manager for a BPO unit in the tribal village. While training the youth of the village, we helped each student open a bank a/c to receive the stipend directly into their a/c. This not only developed banking habit in them, they also started understanding the importance of small savings and making judicious spending.
This also saved time of the a/c dept. and made the entire process of stipend distribution very transparent for a project which was funded by the Tribal Development Dept.

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Democracy Cess

Recently I was listening to a panel discussion where one panelist recommended, what he called, democracy cess.

Though there is no denying the fact that transparency in the sphere of electoral funding is very much-needed to control the use of black money during election, however how good is it to burden common man with yet another tax?
The logic behind the need for electoral and other reforms is that there is lack of transparency and malpractices.

When we don’t have transparency in the present system, even if a democracy cess is levied it will go the same way as the black money.

The real solution I believe lies in strengthening the local bodies like gram sabha’s and gram panchayat’s at village level. Election will be held and won on the basis of individual’s reputation, work done and personal relationship with each voting member and not through funding of the election.

If right people get elected to the local bodies then they can gradually move to the municipal and district level elections without any need of pumping too much money during the elections through sheer quality of work that they will do.

This will then influence the elections held for state assembly and parliament.

It is then that we can think of the democratic cess or state funding of the election not now when the money of taxpayers are already going waste in one or the other scams.

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Technological Shift

It was sometime in the mid 1980’s that I first got to watch Television. It was a big thing in India at that time. Not many households were having the same.

It took many decades after the experimental telecast through terrestrial television in 1959.

Color TV came in the market during 1982.

The big TV with CRT monitor and Yagi Antenna were a spectacle and Doordarshan was everyone’s loved channel.

As we started getting used to it, the free to air channels and Doordarshan’s was overshadowed by cable and pay for channels in the early 90’s.

It was then in the mid 1990’s that we came across something new…A mobile phone, a telecommunication device that you can carry around unlike the Landline Telephone connection.

Nokia soon became a familiar name, more familiar than the country of its origin.

In the next 10 years, TV and Mobile set witnessed sea changes.

Desktop computer became a household item, getting thinner and thinner day by day. Laptops and Notebooks flooded the market. Cellphones became Smartphones.

A recent study by Gartner suggests that in 2013, mobile devices will overtake personal computers as the most commonly used devices to access the World Wide Web. Tablet will replace the notebooks.

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Top Ten Tips of Resume Writing

Your Resume or Curriculum Vitae (CV) is something that reaches a recruiter for a possible job opening even before you can think of it. Hence, even though we are not an expert writer, it is expected that our resume is written smartly and effectively to deserve attention and eventually a follow-up interview call to you.

So what are the simple 3T’s (Top Ten Tips) to achieve that?

Here is my compilation:

  1. Remember: Write your resume using plain and simple English, in short and crisp sentences using true font in size which is good for reading, avoiding any picture or superlatives  and keeping it to maximum two to three page.
  2. Start: Your resume must start with brief summary clearly outlining your goal, objective and expertise.
  3. Titles & Keywords: Always make sure that you are using right kind of titles and keywords in your resume.
  4. Positive and Relevant: Use positive sentences and keep only relevant job information instead of lengthy history.
  5. Writing Style: Use bulleted list instead of long paragraph, Begin sentences with action verb instead of 1st person pronoun and ALWAYS Do proof reading,
  6. Flow: Keep the flow of your resume from general to specific & recent to past.
  7. Audience: Write resume while keeping audience in mind. Do not use same resume for every company.
  8. Highlights: Show your achievement in previous jobs and not just role and responsibility. Even quantify your achievement.
  9. Honest: Never overestimate or lie about your achievement or experience.
  10. Checklist:Ensure contact details are up to date, avoid references or salary details.
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How to get more applications to your jobs?

  1. Promote your jobs through Blog, LinkedIn group, LinkedIn company page, Facebook pages etc.
  2. Attract more visitors on to the career page of your website,
  3. Allow candidate to fill simple online form to apply.
  4. Job seeker uses the word “job” too often, so make sure your career page url has the word job in it.
  5. Jos seeker uses a combination of keyword to search for a specific role/position. Hence it is important to have separate web pages for each role to be more searchable.
  6. It is important that your job description is filled with important keywords and not just job title and lengthy description of what the role will involve.
  7. In the keyword, it is also important to use substitute word or position.
  8. Adding a sample profile help individual see if he fits in the role.
  9. Allow candidate to share job post with their friends.
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Are we seeing decline in daily visitors on Facebook!

Facebook is a wonderful social networking service launched in last decade. It is owned and operated by Facebook Inc. from Palo Alto in California, USA.

Founded by Mark Zukerberg, Facebook was initially limited to the founders at Harvard University, followed by other colleges in Boston area, then to all university and finally to everyone aged over 13.

Developed using C++ and PHP, this site requires users to register first before using its features.

It is reported that Facebook has about 1 Billion active users online. Around 11 Billion pages are viewed daily in Facebook by approx. 630 Million visitors.

Facebook is probably the number 1 ranked site. However over the last one month there is a steady decline in the no. of visits on Facebook as shown in the graph.

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Remembering Walt Whitman

Year that trembled and reel’d beneath me!

Your summer wind was warm enough, yet the air I breathed froze me.

A thick gloom fell through the sunshine and darken’d me,

Must I change my triumphant songs? Said I to myself,

Must I indeed learn to chant the cold dirges of the baffled?

And sullen hymns of defeat?

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